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Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Enjoy the natural looks and timeless style of a beautiful hardwood floor - but with the ease of installation and durability found only in Columbia laminate wood flooring. We've taken design cues from our Columbia hardwood flooring collection and translated the rich colors and unique textures into authentic wood styles for your home. Our attention to detail shows through with realistic-looking woodgrain patterns, character marks and surface textures that feel perfect underfoot. Whether you'd like contemporary flair, or want a more traditional feel, Columbia Flooring has just the right laminate wood floor.

Laminate Wood Flooring
Laminate Wood Floors

Premium, Specialty & Traditional Designs

Our Premium Designs capture the essence of solid hardwood floors - while giving you the gorgeous style and durability of a laminate wood floor. Our Specialty Designs blend high style with unique design elements - including a gloss finish or slim plank laminate wood floor widths. And our Traditional Designs deliver high performance, unmatched value and an ageless hardwood appearance.

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Laminate Tile Flooring
Laminate Tile Floors

Tile Designs

Tile floors offer unmatched style and have become a popular choice for homeowners. Columbia Flooring's Tile Designs provide you with durable laminate tile flooring looks that will instantly infuse your home with contemporary and authentic beauty. Available in natural slate, stone and ceramic looks, these laminate tile floors click together easily - without the mess of grout!

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