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Install Columbia Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floor Installation

Columbia Hardwood Flooring offers a beautiful variety of options - from species and color, to plank widths and finishes, as well as installation.

There are multiple installation methods available, depending on which Columbia hardwood floor is perfect for you. Columbia Flooring's solid hardwood floor construction can be installed in areas that are on or above grade only. Depending on application, it may be stapled or nailed over most wood subfloors.

The stability of Columbia Flooring's engineered hardwood floor construction allows installation anywhere in your home -- below, on or above grade. It can be floated, glued, stapled or nailed over most subfloors, including concrete.

For installation instructions on all of our hardwood flooring, please click on the appropriate link below.

We continuously make technological advancements that improve product performance or installation techniques and methods. To confirm you have the most recent installation instructions, please contact Technical Services at 888-387-9883, option 1.

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