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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to test every product available on the market today. Most chemicals recommend testing the product in an inconspicuous area to check for staining before applying to the surface in question.

    While most petroleum based products have little effect on our flooring, we would recommend that you test the bug spray either on a spare piece of flooring or in an inconspicuous spot to determine if that particular product will harm the finish. Apply the product, then wait 30 minutes. Remove the product. If no change has occurred in the level of gloss or discoloration, likely will have no issues.

    Additionally, you will need to be sure that they do not apply excessive moisture to the joints, as this could cause swelling.
  • Though the Shark steam cleaner states it can be used on hardwood floors we do not recommend it for our floors, the only cleaner we recommend is the Columbia Flooring cleaner specifically formulated for our floors and in following all directions does not cause damage to the flooring.

    The steam cleaner though steam, is still moisture and will throw moisture into the seams of the hardwood and with the heat over time will damage the flooring. (Check to make sure it does not mention sealed seams.) As some of the cleaning devices out there today state that they can be used on hardwoods, the verbiage indicates sealed seams. Columbia Flooring's hardwood floors are pre-finished as are most hardwood floors today and the seams are not sealed. If damage occurs due to a non-recommended cleaner or cleaning device, this will not be covered under Columbia Flooring's hardwood warranty.
  • Our engineered product is comprised of a face veneer and back veneer sandwiched over a hardwood multi-ply core. We match our faces and backs to create a balanced panel that will reduce warping and movement. As the majority of the production is comprised of Oak faces we will typically use Oak backs, if the face species varies significantly in behavior we will use the same back species as the face to balance the natural expansion and contraction of the wood and avoid cupping or crowning. This approach also makes sense for raw material recovery as trees will natural produce veneers of both high-grade (face) and low-grade (backs). Using both products allows for better use of the tree and better flooring performance.
  • Wet areas would include but are not limited to: bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens, mud rooms, foyers, and laundry rooms. Uniclic® flooring panels, and accessories are not recommended for extreme humidity applications such as in saunas or swimming pool areas.

    Since prolonged water exposure could damage your flooring, the following installation recommendations should be closely followed:

    An expansion area of 5/16" – 3/8" must be provided around all vertical obstructions including walls, permanent cabinets, pipes etc.

    All perimeter expansion areas must be completely filled in with a sealant. When applying sealant, it is helpful to first apply a strip of masking tape parallel to and approximately 1/32" from the edge. Then fill the expansion area with sealant, remove excess with a plastic scraper or putty knife, and remove tape. Let dry for 24 hours before exposure to water.

    Maximum 26 ft. (8 meter) lengths can be installed without a transition joint. Under each entrance door of the room, a transition joint must be installed.

    Wipe up spills immediately. Do not allow liquids to stand on your floor or stay in contact with any Uniclic®accessory.
  • Columbia Flooring recommends that you use the Columbia Flooring 3-in-1 underlayment. Using an underlayment besides Columbia's could void your warranty. Columbia Flooring only sells products through authorized distributors and retailers. Unfortunately, we can’t sell underlayment directly to you. If you are looking for a place to buy our underlayment, please view our retailer locator to find your nearest location.
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