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Explore Columbia Laminate Flooring

What began as an inspiration has become a new direction in flooring. A company designed to celebrate the art of the floor. A company with a sense of pride in craftsmanship.

Made in the U.S.A.

Columbia Laminate Flooring products are produced in Thomasville, North Carolina.

Strong Warranties

Columbia Laminate Flooring offers some of the best consumer warranties in the industry - with a Limited Residential Lifetime ® against wear, staining, fading and the joint integrity of the Uniclic® system.

* See your Columbia Laminate Flooring Retailer or visit our warranty page.
Made in the U.S.A. & Lifetime
Environmentally Responsible

  • Our domestically produced laminate has an average pre-consumer recycled content of 74%.
  • We use and reuse our wooden pallets until they become damaged beyond repair. Then, instead of dumping them in landfills, we send them to be ground up and used for mulch, compost, wood fuel or even the core material that goes into particle board.

  • We strive to have 100% of all the cardboard used in our manufacturing facilities recycled. This cardboard is collected and recycled back into other paper or cardboard boxes-making it a closed-loop paper to paper system. We then turn around and repurchase these products, use them and then recycle them again.
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User Friendly
Advanced Finish Protection

Columbia Laminate Flooring offers Advanced Finish protection that:

  • Provides greater resistance to micro-scratches than other leading laminate brands.*
  • Creates a defense against routine dust and dirt, which can dull the surface finish over time.
  • Is perfect for high traffic areas.
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*MAR (Micro Abrasion Resistance) Test: Measure of how well a product resists micro scratching across a broad area (as opposed to pinpoint scratching from a single sharp object). Better test results indicate better resistance to scuffs from moving furniture, foot traffic, rug slippage, etc. Product results may vary.
Inspired Technology That is Easier & Faster

Our patented Uniclic® technology makes installation of your new Columbia Laminate Flooring quick and easy. Just click together - no glue, no mess. Your floor can even be installed and walked on in just a day!

  • Easily connect tongue and groove at an angle or horizontally.
  • Press down and clic together!
  • The patented technology produces tight edgeswith no open joints, creating a higher moisture resistant product.
Image of person showing how Uniclick Technology works
Quality Focused

Direct-Pressure Laminate: The process we created is now the industry standard.

The direct-pressure laminate technology we pioneered is superior because our flooring is completely balanced. The weight and quality of materials and pressure of production is identical on both the top and bottom of the board creating a perfectly balanced product with no bowing or collapsing in the center. This collapsed effect is common with competitors floors as their top layer is too heavy and the underlayer is not thick enough.

Image showing the four layers in the wood flooring - Protective Layer - Design Layer - The Columbia Core - Balance Layer
AC 4 Rated Flooring*

All Columbia Flooring products currently achieved an AC4 rating.** An AC rating is derived from a product enduring a series of test mandated by the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF). These rigorous tests determine how well a floor will survive under 5 sets of conditions. The higher the rating, from 1 - 5, the stronger and more durable the floor. Tests include resistance to burns, abrasions, stains, impacts, furniture marks and swelling at seams.

Always request the Laminate floor's AC rating to ensure product satisfaction. If the AC rating is nonexistent, the product either failed testing or is untested.

NALFA Certified

This Certification Seal proves that our floors passed 10 very demanding performance tests. In addition, our floors comply with all CARB (California Air Resource Board) requirements. We offer the industry's best quality laminate flooring available. Not because we say so, but because the NALFA Certification Seal proves it.

AC 4 Rated Flooring Nalfa - Quality Certified Laminate Flooring

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Made in the USA
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